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Max & Niel


Sushiking RM2 bonanza revisited

owh well, 2nd visit. dont have to explain any further. Max didnt eat that much as he will be attending a dinner with his friends at Nando’s, JayaOne. Niel won this battle LOL.


Max & Niel

SushiKing RM2 bonanza

We received our news letter three weeks ago and planned far ahead that we’ll be having lots of sushi! Max was craving for his RM5 raw ebi, and Niel, always craved for sushi which has cucumber + tamago. duh~


argh sushi sushi. Max won the battle with 7 red plates. Niel runner up with 4 pink, 1 beige and 1 purple plate.

Max & Niel

Chocolate Fondue, flea market The Curve

Niel always wanted to try chocolate fondue and one day while they were walking down the street of the curve, they saw this little shop selling fondue! Max quickly paid RM10, and what we have here is…


banana, strawberries [owh sweet~], and marshmellows. Niel will be going to the curve and get more fondues this saturday.

Max & Niel

steamed vegetarian fishy by Niel

Niel bought a big piece of vegetarian fish from Giant Hypermarket previously. Obviously she forgot to read the label that says DEEP FRY IN PIECES. she steamed it instead, and it was, well, pretty awful. We only managed to finish around 6pieces.

Awful Recipe:

soy sauce, pinch of sugar, ginger. LOL


Max & Niel

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